What's not so Hood about Little Red Cap?

               Little Red Cap by the Grimms brothers is a darker version of the Little Red Riding Hood story we know today by Charles Perrault.  Generally, they both revolve around the fact that Little Red must get to her grandmothers house with food to make her feel better but on her way she encounters the wolf who  eats Little Red and her Grandmother.  Although that seems like most of the story, there is more to it.  In the version we all recognize, it ends with the wolf eating both the grandmother and Little Red and the moral of the story being not to talk to strangers.  However, in the Grimms version, the ending and the moral of the story is very different from the Pearrault version.  A huntsman comes and opens up the stomach of the wolf and out come Little Red and her grandmother.  Little Red coming out of the wolf is actually symbolic for being born.  Throughout the story, Little Red does everything her mother told her not to do. Her mother gave her specific directions which was to mind her manners and not to drift off path.  Being that she did not follow directions, it cost her her life and her grandmothers life.  When the hunstman frees her from the wolfs stomach, she is getting a second chance and starting over with a clean slate.  In this case, the moral of the story is to listen to your mother, follow directions, and to be careful with how much you tell people.